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Gejah Academy for Multiple Martial Arts

The aim of this course is to teach students Korean martial art called Taekwondo in both traditional and sports forms. In Traditional form we teach student to learn self-defense, discipline, confidence, respect, patience, concentration, attitude, self-control and Traditional fighting techniques in Taekwondo.  

Taekwondo and Boxing

Gejah Academy for Multiple Martial Arts (GAMMA) is an academy for martial arts which at the moment imparts training in Taekwondo and Boxing. GAMMA creates athletes in Taekwondo and Boxing (amateur and professional) who are prepared with utmost professionalism to represent and participate in national and international events. The course content for the trainings is in line with the world best standards and streamlined to PNG requirements. They are also delivered by professional and qualified coaches and instructors in the art.


Our Vision is to be the world class Martial Arts hub in the Country.


Our mission is to create a platform for young Papua New Guineans to practice and pass on their expertise to the up and coming athletes in PNG.


Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, Perseverance, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Respect, Tolerance, and Excellence

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GAMMA Taekwondo is duly registered with the PNG Taekwondo Federation; accordingly, GAMMA Boxing is also registered with the PNG Boxing Union and PNG Professional Boxing Authority. All the trainers are licensed and recognized by the authorities.

At present we have more than 35 students participate in the trainings and increasing. GAMMA follows the motto of the parent company of “Low-Cost High Quality” delivery hence making it affordable to all the youngsters.

The Martial Arts team

Cratsee Tito

Cratsee Tito

Taekwondo Master

Detrosh Dati

Detrosh Dati

Taekwondo Master

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Fly River Haus, Sect 63 Lot 24, Gabaka Street, P.O box 1723, Vision City Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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